About Me!

Hi I’m Erica Rose! (Yep that’s where La Rose comes from). I’m a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, & Scorpio Ascendant! I fangirl way too much over Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter & anything that involves the genius mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda. I have a BFA in graphic design from SVA & I haven’t worn jeans in ten years. I love tea and watching hockey and I listen to Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift on the daily. I eat more chocolate than anyone ever should and I make my friends take way too many pictures of me anywhere (everywhere) we go - but I’m also an avid student of the spiritual world & have been since 2007 (Lil 16 year old Erica!)

In 2018, after feeling really down and depressed in my 9-5 (with a train commute that made it 7am-7pm) I prayed to the universe for something better. Then, the idea to use my design skills to make Oracle Cards, my favorite spiritual tool, popped into my head & Thus, La Rose des Rêves was born.

I had no idea what it would turn into - I just figured I’d create cards and sell them on Etsy. But since the start of 2019, it turned into so much more. Posting my cards with positive messages to Instagram daily became a personal way to increase my own optimism; To force myself to think of a positive message every single day & to not only write it, but feel it, believe it. It gave me hope.

& Not just me! I noticed it started to make an impact with my growing followers too! It connected me to a beautiful community of other spiritual people, others who knew there was more to life & needed hope too. I would get (& still do!) so many comments and DM’s of people messaging me thanking me for my lovely words and telling me amazing stories about how it encouraged them to just go for something, or to land jobs/quit jobs! or find love! It really warmed my heart.

I want everyone to feel encouraged and I want everyone to live a wonderful, amazing life. That’s what we deserve in this life time. We all deserve to reject societal standards of misery and drudgery, and we all deserve our dreams to come true.

So that’s my goal! To create lovely little messages of positivity, to create the tools you need to help yourself get to that positive state of mind. To help you get to that level of purely believing that the universe is limitless - because it is! To get you to release your stresses, shred your doubts, & to know that your dreams are 100% going to happen!

This is just the beginning.
We are all meant to be happy. We are all meant to achieve and conquer and flourish. We are all meant to thrive!

You absolutely got this!