Shift Your Thoughts

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✨Never stop dreaming & imagining that everything is possible. ⠀

💕Instead of looking to where you’ve been, look to where you want to go.⠀

🎈It’s only natural to focus on the past and what plagued us, or even what currently plagues us, but the only way things will ever get better is if you shift your thoughts and start imagining your reality as what you want it to be. ⠀

⭐️For me, It’a all too easy to complain about long train commutes riddled with delays, being underpaid as a designer by a company that makes literally billions, & (as fellow New Yorkers will understand) rent money for a nice place feeling so achingly exorbitant & out of reach without roommates - but instead, I actively try to choose to focus on the better things.⠀

🚂 On my train rides, sometimes I imagine I’m on one in Europe, finally traveling around freely for however long I wish.⠀

🌈Instead of focusing on long work days, I try to replace those feelings with ones of knowing my freedom is inevitable & really envision what it’d be like to work & create for solely myself. ⠀

🧲 I tell the universe I am a magnet for money 💵 & I imagine being able to comfortably afford a beautiful future home shared with the man I love 😘 🍞⠀

⭐️These changes I want may not happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month or even next year - but every little bit of positivity helps! You can’t give up hope. You never know when you’re just a moment away. The universe responds to your positive vibes and will always correct itself to make your thoughts a reality, so choose them wisely. ⠀

⚓️Bad thoughts are inevitable, we’re human - of course we’re going to feel bad and complain, but as long as you find a way to acknowledge, accept, & release those feelings and shift them onto ones of hope, trust, & believing - there’s nothing you can’t achieve. ❤️⠀