The Words You Speak About Yourself Become Your Reality

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It’s important to always speak kindly with yourself and say gentle, loving words to your body & soul.⠀

💖Your cells responds to everything you say and think about. So tell your body often how much you appreciate it, for keeping you alive, for being healthy, for all your senses and abilities. ⠀

💕Speak positively about your outer appearance as well! Society trains us to hate our outside, but I promise you, just by being yourself you are definitely someone so beautiful! 😍 You are one of a kind! ⠀

🌟So today make a list of all the things you love about your inner AND outer body and soul! ⠀

💖Here’s mine: ⠀
I love my blue eyes (which you can’t see here because I’m super squinty but it means I was happy😂) ⠀
I love that I have a strong athletic body, ⠀
I love that I am artistically talented, ⠀
I love that I can always uplift my friends & help them feel better when they’re down! ⠀
I love that I’m intelligent and funny⠀
& I like that I think I’m pretty and it should be okay for ourselves to think we’re attractive without it being seen as narcissistic ! (if any of my friends read this I know I will prob get roasted in the group chat for that 😂 but it’s okay it’s you gotta speak your truth! 😂❤️) ⠀

We are all Queens and Kings and we need to embrace our individual amazingness ✨