Make Time for the Things You Love

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Hey! So wanted to talk about making time for things that truly light up your soul with a recent example from my own life! ⠀

✍🏻Ever since I could hold a pencil my favorite thing in the entire world was writing stories - and drawing along to them, obvs with the artist I am 💁🏼‍♀️🎨⠀

🌼Even though I chose to study art, while I was in college, I still kept writing and realized how passionate I really was about it. I wanted to be a published author so badly that I started to shift away from writing whatever was in my heart to trying so hard to write something amazing enough to be a best seller. ⠀

🌎I tried even submitting one piece to a few places but failed (obvs bc I was trying WAY too hard!) anyway, that discouraged me a bit - that plus gaining 13 hour workdays (commute + work + gym) didn’t give me any time and that led me to stopping writing fiction altogether for the past 2 years. ⠀

💙I trust my path because studying art & becoming a graphic designer instead of writer led me to this! & led me to creating these cards you guys love so much 😜⠀

✍🏻 BUT Since I’m dedicated to completely embodying the BEST version of Erica possible I decided it’s time I start writing again!!! Idk where there will be time but I’m trusting that if I focus on the affirmation “I always have enough time to do the things I love” space will magically open up for me. 🥰⠀

🌟 This time writing though I am going to take all pressure off myself and eliminate the thought of becoming the next JK Rowling and do it because it’s FUN. Because I love creating worlds and characters and because I have stories to tell. If I ever get published - great, if I don’t - also great! I’m doing it for ME. ⠀

🌎So (& definitely thanks to the encouragement of my great coach Lisa of Channeled Inspirations ) I signed up to take an online 10 week creative fantasy writing class starting next month! ⠀

🌟Yes, I have 13 hour days but there will be a way. You can ALWAYS find time to do things you love. I already find time to go to the gym on weekdays! So if I can find time for that I can always find time for this. Sometimes (all the time 😂) you need to put your heart first and let your soul shine 🌟