A Bit About My Journey

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💖I started reading oracle cards twelve years ago when I was 16 years old. ⠀

💟Growing up, I was always so fascinated with the idea of psychics & I never knew it was possible ... until one of my friends had a psychic birthday party. Her grandma gave us readings and her mom taught us about Angel Cards and Pendulums. Her grandma told us she started studying when she was around 18 - that anyone could be psychic if they developed their abilities. ⠀
Oh That was it for me, I was hooked.⠀

🔮My best friend gave me my first official Angel deck for my 17th birthday - it was that coral and yellow Archangel deck from Doreen Virtue. & I used it for everything!!! Every time I had questions or was just curious about my future I consulted that deck & was always SO amazed at how accurate it felt and how much it made me feel better.⠀

💜I read every book on intuition and the angels I could - I even eventually took years of intuition development classes & got certified in card reading & automatic writing. ⠀

💟My spiritual journey was never born out of needing to re-evaluate my life or being on a wrong path - I was very much a good girl in every sense of the word (I did great in school + I never drank, smoked, or partied - I still don’t! 😆). ⠀

💡Discovering the light isn’t always found out of being in darkness, sometimes you’re just drawn to the light because that’s your path - that’s what fascinates you.⠀

💖I never ever expected or intended my love for oracle cards and the spiritual world to be a business or my dream career. I just pursued it because that’s what I was passionate about. Because I love card reading and I love discovering new things about the way this world works.⠀

🔮🙏🏼So always follow your heart and follow your passions, make time for the things you love as often as possible because you never know where it will lead you 💖💖💖 📸: