Introducing Myself

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❤️Hi lovelies! Just wanted to re-introduce myself for anyone who’s new here since it’s been a while since I last did! ⠀

🌹 My name is Erica! I’m 27 years old and I’m a Virgo Sun , Leo Moon, & Scorpio Ascendant ! ♍️ ♌️ ♏️ ⠀

❤️I’ve been studying the spiritual arts since 2007 and am a trained + certified psychic card reader🔮 ⠀

🌹 I love Harry Potter ⚡️, the NHL 🏒 & Marvel Movies - esp Guardians of the Galaxy & Captain America! (Infinity War was the greatest movie to ever exist 😆)⠀

❤️Other quintessentially Erica things that make me happy: chocolate chip cookies 🍪 , elephants 🐘 , bunnies 🐰 , the office 📺, tea ☕️ , fancy places / fancy dresses 👗, traveling 🏝, my new baby nephew 👶🏼, my friends, family, and boyfriend 💖, and taking way too many Instagram pics 📸. This particular pic happens to be my favorite ever taken of me by my photographer BFF @katemmphoto ! ⠀

❤️I’m a native New Yorker 🗽 & I have a degree in Graphic Design from SVA 🎨 I currently work as a sports motion graphic designer in my 9-5 life (with a commute that makes it 7am-7pm). ⠀

🌹I like the actual work I do in my 9-5, but the very long commute plus low pay + some difficult people made me so stressed and upset in my daily life; I also started to notice how upset all of my closest friends seemed to be with adult life, and I knew that this couldn’t be what life was all about. I knew there had to be something more. ⠀

❤️ I realized myself + my friends all needed a boost of optimism, so in spring 2018 I decided to make the Positivity Pack and thus La Rose does Rêves was born. ⠀

🌹 My mission is to help others live their best lives by adding daily optimism, hope, self-love, & encouragement into their existence. My wish is for everyone to see magic in the world and for all their dreams to come true 😊⠀⠀

❤️I’m still at my 9-5 (7-7) for financial reasons (for now!😉) but I’m working on changing my mindset, crushing my limiting beliefs, letting go & trusting in the universe, & achieving my dreams of freedom and reaching a wider audience to spread positivity, love, & light ✨⠀⠀

❤️Thank you so much to all of you for following me & supporting my art - you are helping make my dreams come true! ✨