The Color Wheel of Emotions

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 2.37.59 PM.png

💕Today I wanna talk about the color wheel of emotions! 😆⠀

💝 It’s okay if you’re not positive and happy 100% of the time! Trust me, even I get so angry and annoyed and frustrated and upset (especially with ppl in Penn station and on the lirr 🙃!) & it’s okay to be angry - It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you: ⠀
✨You’re just human.✨⠀

🎨 It’s important to feel all your emotions, every color of the spectrum. Feel them for hours, for a day, and then when it’s time: release. Let them go. Bc holding onto anger or annoyance or sadness is only going to hold you back. When you’re ready, choose to feel better. ⠀

💘Adapting a positive mindset doesn’t mean completely shutting out anger and sadness and annoyance, it just means finding a better way to handle those lower cube emotions. It means still knowing despite the downs that things are always going to be better. The up is right around the corner. ⠀

💕Maybe the anger or sadness was for a reason to push you to make certain changes or cut certain ties! La Rose des Rêves itself was born out of me being unhappy, frustrated, and craving something more! ⠀

💟It’s just about feeling your emotions, but after that, letting them go and trusting you’re still on the right path. You believe in yourself, you believe in your higher purpose, and you know everything will magically be okay. Because it will!⠀

💕Fill your thoughts with things you love and people you love. ⠀

💖You are amazing and just know you are not alone. You are never alone. 💖⠀