Thoughts on Manifesting

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✨Make a decision, keep the focus, and never waiver from what your heart truly wants. ⠀

💖I first learned about Manifesting a decade ago, and sure here and there I’d be able to make cool things happen (front row tickets the Taylor Swift RED tour being my personal peak 🥰) but it always felt like I couldn’t make the bigger things happen. ⠀

❤️But then last year something started to shift, I was able to manifest true love by letting go. By clearly defining what I wanted, releasing worry and most importantly by genuinely not caring if it came or not. ⠀

🎉Now, I’ve been trying that to implement that same principle, that same chill feeling in other areas of my life and it’s been working! If I did it for love- surely I could do it with finances and career right?! ⠀

💜It’s a really weird contrast - You have to show gratitude but you also have to not care what happens. Put a lot of emotion into feeling how you’d feel when all your dreams come true (celebrate🥳!) , but then don’t feel desperate or needy about it, just be chill 😎⠀

🎉In the past couple months I’ve especially start to see shifts and it’s because I’ve been putting in the dedication daily. I write gratitude lists every morning, I write love letters to money, I meditate every night + envision living the life I want, I pretend my current reality is just a glitch and I’m actually living the life I dream about right now. ⠀

✨I thank the universe & I work with it . I try not to fight it, and just go with the flow. Bad things pop up, but I try to let them go and focus on all the good things and good people in my life. I am dedicated and unwavering in my faith knowing that my success is inevitable - I can’t fail as long as I don’t give up & keep going. ⠀

☀️I can do this, YOU can do this!! We are all meant to live the best most amazing life possible, so know it’s coming to you, just let go + know. 💖💖💖⠀