Stay in that "Summer as a Kid" Mindset

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🌞Summer is my favorite season (I am a summer baby after all! ♍️) and to me summer always use to equal happiness & freedom. ⠀

🐠As a kid, it always meant freedom from school and homework - but when I look deeper into it, it really meant I was free from living someone else’s idea of life for me. I didn’t have to follow a schedule anymore, I could do whatever I wanted! (Even Little Erica was defiant to societal standards 😆) ⠀

🐬I was able to sleep til whenever I wanted, I was able to play outside all day (I love being outside and nice weather just refreshes my soul) and I could go swimming! (I was actually a competitive swimmer from age 8-18 and I LOVED it, I was pretty good at it too 😜) ⠀

🌟So now, I wonder why is it as adults do we get that magical time of freedom, of rest and relaxation, taken away? How come our younger selves are taught we need rest - but then as adults we’re told rest isn’t for us; we don’t need summer vacation; we need money and to work. Honestly - I think we need summer vacation more now as adults than as kids! 😆⠀

🏝I may not be able to change corporate America’s rules, but I can change my situation. I make sure I rest + recharge as often as I can (even with 40 hour work weeks + 20 hours of commuting). I make sure I utilize the time I do have off to go outside, connect with nature, spend time with people I 💖, and replenish my energy. ⠀

🌟And most importantly, I’m holding onto those magical feelings of summer - of pure happiness and freedom and of being schedule-less. I’m choosing to believe that I had it once, I can have that again. I am worthy of having freedom and happiness and being in charge of my own time. That I can have that not just for summer, but for all the seasons.💖