How to Deal with Difficult People

✨So one thing I’ve seen popping up a lot lately is the question: how to deal with difficult people! ⠀

💕This is something I really relate to as sometimes there’s just really negative ppl you’re forced to interact with (like a co-worker or difficult classmate); just people who bring you down and ruin all the high vibes you’ve spent so much time building up! ⠀

💛But I’m here to say enough is enough! NO ONE can take your high vibes, no one can dim your light. People only have as much power over you as you let them so don’t let them! Of course easier said than done, but here’s some tricks I used to make that actually easier. ⠀

💙Ask yourself: is this person WORTH stealing a second of my happiness? Spoiler alert the answer is always no! So in your head, emphatically declare they are not worth it & surround yourself with the highest light. ⠀

💚Remind yourself that people are a product of their environment - so if they’re negative or being a jerk, it’s because the people in their closest circle are negative and jerks to them. Don’t be angry at them, pity them, for they have it worse than you. Send them light. ⠀

💜Cut the chords. We all have energetic chords tying us to people in our lives - so imagine the chord connecting you and them and either call in Archangel Michael to Slice that chord or imagine doing it yourself. Release them! ⠀

❤️Make a list of reasons WHY this person could be in your life - what is this teaching you? What lesson does this serve in the greater purpose of your life? Thank them for that lesson. And (this may be the hard part) write at least one nice thing about them. Then in the magical practice of  Hoʻoponopono - thank them, forgive them, apologize to them, and send them love. ⠀

🧡Above all, always surround yourself in a bubble of white light whenever you know you are dealing with someone difficult. Plus, instead try focusing and thinking about the people you do love! ⠀

🖤Finally, if this person is continually negative to you and can be removed from your life, it’s often best to just let them go. Remember, whenever you let someone bad go it’s so you can make room for someone amazing.