Manifest the best things: FOOD!

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I want to talk about FOOD! And more importantly how I’ve become a Food Manifesting Expert & how you can be too 😜⠀

🍕Sometimes Manifesting the big stuff can feel overwhelming & scary & you generate doubt and worry when it doesn’t appear right away. But the easiest way to strengthen up your Manifesting muscle and to build confidence & faith in your connection with the universe is to continually manifest small things. So how am I doing this? ⠀

🧀You guessed right: I’m Manifesting food! It all started a couple weeks ago when I really wanted a croissant 🥐 so I set the intention & thanked the universe for a croissant. I imagined the taste and knew without a doubt it was coming to me. Two days later - my mom brought home croissants! 😱 ⠀

🍿I figured I’d continue on this food fest, and get more specific - so the next thing I tried was manifesting a Milky Way Midnight bc it’s not as common & I’d know it could only come from the universe. A day later, when my dad went to the deli he just happened to also pick me up a Milky Way midnight (which he’s never done before!)⠀

🍟Other food I’ve also recently brought into my existence: Pizza, a plate of French fries, a bagel, ice cream, chips (I promise I have a better diet than this seems 😂🙈). ⠀

🌽I believe food is easier to manifest because you’re not crazy attached to it. It’s not like money where you’re exuding “omg I need it 😫” or your love life where you worry if it won’t come to you’ll die alone. ⠀

🍫With treats, it’s just FUN! You don’t care one way or another if it comes to you! If it does : Great! If not - will you even really notice? ⠀
⭐️That is the exact energy that will bring you what you want & at lightning speed! You have to detach, not care if it comes, but at the same time, deep down, know it’s on it’s way with 100% faith! ⠀

🍇So - what food will you try Manifesting today? 😆