My Experience Working with a Life Coach


🌸Hello lovelies! So today I wanted to talk about my experience working with a life coach & specifically mine the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, incredible Lisa @channeledinspirations! ⠀

💖So prior to working with Lisa, as I’m sure many of you have, I constantly saw women all over Instagram who were life coaches & i’d constantly read in mindset books that they recommend you to get a coach and I was always intrigued but never felt I needed it - nor was I sure who to even go to, who would be a good fit for me. ⠀

☀️In January, I just seemed to be in such a down swing. My day job, my business, even my relationship were strained and everything just felt wrong. That’s when I got an email from Lisa. ⠀

🔮Now, I had met Lisa maybe 4 or so years ago, taking an automatic writing course at our local spiritual center (she had cool purple hair at the time so I knew I wanted to be friends with her 😂). And we became friends and we would occasionally meet up to do readings! So of course I was on her email list for her business. ⠀

✨So in January I saw an email talking about her coaching services - asking if you feel stuck in your life and want more and literally this (I went back to copy and paste it lol!) “If you’re ready to stop playing small and be the big deal that you already know you are. If you’re ready to claim your power and make decisions from the place of an empowered woman. If you’re ready to stand in your light and show the world all of yourself. THIS IS WORK IS FOR YOU!”⠀

☀️And to all that I was like YES. But then I wasn’t sure if I could afford it or SHOULD afford it. So I didn’t reach out. ⠀

🌎But the universe always has a way. ⠀

🌸Lisa messaged me randomly on Instagram commenting on something I posted and I knew it was a sign! So I asked her about her coaching & signed up!⠀

💖I’ve worked with Lisa now for the last 12 weeks and OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Having a coach, is much like in sports, where it’s someone who holds you accountable. Someone who makes you do the work and super encourages you every step of the way. ⠀

🎉We’d talk about things going on in my personal life and my business, and Lisa would give me advice or tell me to do something! (And I always would!). We would set goals and celebrate when they were reached. And everything in my life started improving!⠀

💖My relationships got better, even my day job got better, and most importantly my business super expanded! I gained a significant more followers since doing the work and from January to now my business literally saw an increase in profit by 9x! ⠀

🎉Overall Lisa is just absolutely amazing, she knows what she’s doing, and she encouraged me every step of the way to be the best me possible. Having a coach made me believe that anything is possible, even more so! ⠀

💖So overall, I highly recommend hiring a coach if you’re looking to go big - and I definitely recommend Lisa of Channeled Inspirations - bc she is the real deal and will help you soar! ⭐️