❤️Manifest Love!❤️


❤️Hi! So today I wanna talk about Manifesting Love!⠀

❤️For some people love seems to come so easily and even if they break up, there’s someone new right away - and for others it feels like there is never anyone good and it’s just disappointment after disappointment. ⠀

❤️So, like Manifesting anything else, you need to check your thoughts! What is the story you’re constantly telling yourself?⠀

❤️For me, I was always one of the people who just attracted bad or non lasting romantic partners - and then one day I realized it was because my thoughts about love were constantly: “there’s no good guys” “I never meet anyone” “all the good ones are taken” “guys just want a hookup not a relationship” so OF COURSE I was just getting MORE of that! ⠀

❤️So, I started to change my story and start telling myself that there are SO many good partners out there and that it’s possible to meet someone amazing at any moment.⠀

❤️Next, an important step that helped me shed #foreversingle to #happyinlove was creating a clear & concise list to the universe where I wrote down all the qualities of my perfect man & what our relationship would be like. I acted like he was real & spent time daily visualizing fun dates & feeling the feelings I’d feel when being with him. ⠀

❤️That and, here’s the most important one, I LET GO! I completely stopped caring whether or not I had love. I actually fully thought about what it’d be like to be alone forever and I started to find a lot of pros to it! I accepted the fact that if I was genuinely #foreveralone I would be happy with it and it was what the universe wanted for me, so I’d trust that. ⠀

❤️Aaaand what do you know, not long after I let go & fully got comfortable with the idea of never having love, I found myself dating a man who literally, & scarily so, matched every single thing on my list! (& yes we are still together today 🥰) ⠀

❤️So when it comes to Manifesting love - here’s the three things you need to remember: ⠀

🌟What Story are you telling yourself about love?⠀

🌟Make a list of your perfect partner⠀

🌟Let go! Be comfortable with being alone!⠀

💞And above all know that YOU are completely worthy of love!