Tips to get into Luxurious Vibes

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Make sure you always treat yourself! If there’s something you really, really wanna do - just do it! ⠀

💙I know for most of us, definitely myself, Money is a huge factor. Like yes: what I really wanna do is travel around Europe for months - that would definitely be treating myself 😂 but financiallyyyy obviously I can’t do that - (yet 😉)⠀

💜So the question is: how do you treat yo’self while still staying in what’s financially available to you and while still believing money is an unlimited resource? ⠀

⭐️Little things. If you want a trip to Paris, take yourself out to a fancy French restaurant or a little Parisian themed cafe. Pretend when you’re there that you’re actually in Paris! ⠀

🎉If you wanna treat yourself spa wise and the spa package is a bit out of your budget - go for their cheapest option - or even get just a mani-pedi! Do a face mask and a bubble bath at home & envision you are in a five star spa! This still causes you to send out those luxurious vibes. And remember whatever you send out, comes back to you!⠀

💖If you want designer clothes and handbags - go into that store, look around, and pretend you can easily afford everything! Most designers also have make up lines, so maybe treat yourself to a Chanel Lipstick or nail polish for example, so you can send out the vibes of buying something at Chanel but you’re still only spending around $30! ⠀

💃🏼One of my 😍 dreams was always the Met Gala - but I don’t plan on being an A-list actress/model/fashion designer in this life time lol nor do I have the thousands of dollars/socialite status for a ticket - SO in order to get in those luxury life vibes, last year I bought a ticket to attend their Annual Young Members Party! It was still a fancy party at the Met and yet it cost me the same as going to any Ranger game or concert. So I got to project those vibes of living out my fanciest life dreams. ⠀

❤️So not only will doing all these things put you in high vibe, it’ll align you with the bigger versions of what you really want! ⠀

💎Also, it’s important to always be working on your money mindset! ⠀

🔥I write love letters to money every morning, I meditate on money every night. Reading books is a good one, too! My favorite money one recently was “you are a badass at making money” by Jen sincero!).

⭐️Make sure you always feel good about money going out ! Whenever you spend, know it is coming back to you.

💙Treat yourself in little ways so you can get on the frequency of creating the life that’ll support you treating yourself in big ways! ✨🔥