Make Time to Rest!

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💛Here’s your reminder to Go easy on yourself! Take time to rest & recharge often. ⠀

☀️So many of us are always so pressured to go-go-go, even on our days off from work we’re expected to run errands and to do 8 bajillion things. We feel pressured that if we don’t accomplish things both short-term & long-term that we’re behind in life. So many people just want to please others or measure up to society’s judgements. ⠀

⭐️But how well are you going to perform if you’re exhausted? Think of yourself like your phone - you can’t be on for it hours straight and only expect a couple hours rest to give you a full charge. ⠀

💛Yes, obviously there are things we need to do and in timely matters, trust me I have 12 hour days Monday-Friday, I super understand! But still even through all of that, you can absolutely squeeze in little moments to take care of yourself. ⠀

☀️Schedule rest time like any other obligation. Even if it’s just for a couple hours on a Sunday, it makes a huge difference in your mental, physical, and emotional health. It resets you and makes you more readily able to go into those non-stop tasks. ⠀

💛Spend time quieting your mind, resting your body, and rejuvenating your essence as often as you can - your soul will thank you for it!