My Spiritual Journey


💕Hi I’m Erica! & I just wanted to share a bit about my journey that got me here, to this spiritual path, & creating positivity products! ⠀

🔮When I was younger I always thought psychics were the coolest thing. Even the televised dramatic ones (that’s so raven anyone? 💁🏾‍♀️😆) and I alwaysss wanted to have psychic abilities but, like most people, I thought it was something you had to be born with.⠀

⭐️It wasn’t until I was 16, when one of my friends had a Psychic themed birthday party where her psychic Grandma gave us all individual readings & her mom taught us about pendulums and angel cards, that I realized that you didn’t have to be born with it. EVERYONE could be intuitive! Her grandma told us that she started studying & developing her abilities when she was a teenager! ⠀

😇So from there I was hooked- reading every book possible about developing your Intuition, Angels, the After Life - seriously everything! My best friend & I’s favorite activity soon became practicing giving readings to each other with our Angel cards & attending psychic fairs to get more advanced insight. ⠀

☀️After college, in my free time I took Intuition development courses at a local healing arts center, as well as gaining an Automatic Writing & Angel Card Reading Certification (all while amassing a lottttt of Angel, Oracle, and tarot decks 🙈 who can relate?? 🙋🏼‍♀️). I’ve also been a psychic reader at a few festivals. ⠀

🎨But as the working world started to take over (I’m a professional Motion Graphic Designer 👩🏼‍🎨) and due to commuting into the city my days got longer, I had less time for the spiritual world I loved and would sink into bad habits of focusing on what I didn’t like about my reality.⠀

❤️Last year, I knew something needed to change, so I felt inspired to create a Positivity based Oracle Deck. I decided then to create even more decks & products to not only help remind myself that life only gets better when you focus on the good, but maybe to help others believe that as well. So thanks to all this, I’m amping up my studies and connecting to the spiritual world again & it definitely feels like the right path. 🥰✨⠀