Raise Your Vibration

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✨Raise your vibration - I’m sure you’ve heard sooo many spiritual people say that, but what does it really mean?

⚡️Everything in this universe is made out of energy, us included. Energy has a frequency, and different things vibrate at different frequencies - bad things and bad feelings vibrate on low frequencies & happy, loving, amazing things vibrate on high frequencies. ⠀

💛Your dreams & everything that would make your heart sing with happiness vibrates at the highest frequency - so how do you get there? ⠀

⭐️A simple answer would be to do the things that bring you joy & go places that make you happy & spend time with people that you love. (Like for me being outside in a pretty location makes me so happy ^ like here in Rhode Island (👀 Taylor Swift’s house in the background)⠀

💫Realistically though, it’s not always an option to be doing things you love 24/7. We have work or school. We have obligations. We have errands. So how do you raise your frequency when you’re forced to do something you don’t like? ⠀

💛For me, I like to conjure up memories from the best & happiest days of my life. In order to raise my vibe; you have to feel good! Now while visualizing what you want to come true is awesome too, thinking of memories is often easier to feel the high vibe feelings because, well, you’ve already felt them! ⠀

✨So in your dull moments think about the days that made you soooo incredibly blissed out and full of joy.⠀

💛Here’s a few of mine: ⠀

When I got to see HAMILTON on my 27th birthday!!⠀

When I went to Harry Potter world with my squad of best friends and they let us cut the line & I got free butter beer bc it was my 24th birthday! (I go all out for my birthdays 😂🙈) ⠀

Finally being in London in 2015, the first time I ever crossed the Atlantic, seeing Big Ben and just having that magical ✨I’m here✨ feeling. ⠀

Basically anytime I’m with my best friends & we get into silly shenanigans and laugh so much.
💫Thinking of these amazing memories I’m blessed to have as opposed to what irritates me in my current reality helps me TREMENDOUSLY to get in a great mood & raise my vibe ⭐️❤️🙏🏼