My Experience Working with a Life Coach


🌸Hello lovelies! So today I wanted to talk about my experience working with a life coach & specifically mine the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, incredible Lisa @channeledinspirations! ⠀

💖So prior to working with Lisa, as I’m sure many of you have, I constantly saw women all over Instagram who were life coaches & i’d constantly read in mindset books that they recommend you to get a coach and I was always intrigued but never felt I needed it - nor was I sure who to even go to, who would be a good fit for me. ⠀

☀️In January, I just seemed to be in such a down swing. My day job, my business, even my relationship were strained and everything just felt wrong. That’s when I got an email from Lisa. ⠀

🔮Now, I had met Lisa maybe 4 or so years ago, taking an automatic writing course at our local spiritual center (she had cool purple hair at the time so I knew I wanted to be friends with her 😂). And we became friends and we would occasionally meet up to do readings! So of course I was on her email list for her business. ⠀

✨So in January I saw an email talking about her coaching services - asking if you feel stuck in your life and want more and literally this (I went back to copy and paste it lol!) “If you’re ready to stop playing small and be the big deal that you already know you are. If you’re ready to claim your power and make decisions from the place of an empowered woman. If you’re ready to stand in your light and show the world all of yourself. THIS IS WORK IS FOR YOU!”⠀

☀️And to all that I was like YES. But then I wasn’t sure if I could afford it or SHOULD afford it. So I didn’t reach out. ⠀

🌎But the universe always has a way. ⠀

🌸Lisa messaged me randomly on Instagram commenting on something I posted and I knew it was a sign! So I asked her about her coaching & signed up!⠀

💖I’ve worked with Lisa now for the last 12 weeks and OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Having a coach, is much like in sports, where it’s someone who holds you accountable. Someone who makes you do the work and super encourages you every step of the way. ⠀

🎉We’d talk about things going on in my personal life and my business, and Lisa would give me advice or tell me to do something! (And I always would!). We would set goals and celebrate when they were reached. And everything in my life started improving!⠀

💖My relationships got better, even my day job got better, and most importantly my business super expanded! I gained a significant more followers since doing the work and from January to now my business literally saw an increase in profit by 9x! ⠀

🎉Overall Lisa is just absolutely amazing, she knows what she’s doing, and she encouraged me every step of the way to be the best me possible. Having a coach made me believe that anything is possible, even more so! ⠀

💖So overall, I highly recommend hiring a coach if you’re looking to go big - and I definitely recommend Lisa of Channeled Inspirations - bc she is the real deal and will help you soar! ⭐️

Put yourself on your Vision Board

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.25.30 AM.png

✨Who else is Manifesting this as their everyday life? 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀

🌟One really awesome way to manifest the things you want is to use pictures that you already have of yourself on the best, days of your life! This makes it so much easier for you to feel the feelings and visualize yourself there because, well, you were! ⠀

🇧🇸 Like for me? This trip to the Bahamas from this past March fits nicely on my vision board 😊⠀

📸Don’t have any pictures of you where you wanna go? Why not photoshop it? Or you can even try literally printing out a pic of you + a pic of your dream trip and literally pasting/taping them together irl! Why not? ⠀

🎨 Get creative! What’s on your vision board?!

Make Time for the Things You Love

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.14.51 AM.png

Hey! So wanted to talk about making time for things that truly light up your soul with a recent example from my own life! ⠀

✍🏻Ever since I could hold a pencil my favorite thing in the entire world was writing stories - and drawing along to them, obvs with the artist I am 💁🏼‍♀️🎨⠀

🌼Even though I chose to study art, while I was in college, I still kept writing and realized how passionate I really was about it. I wanted to be a published author so badly that I started to shift away from writing whatever was in my heart to trying so hard to write something amazing enough to be a best seller. ⠀

🌎I tried even submitting one piece to a few places but failed (obvs bc I was trying WAY too hard!) anyway, that discouraged me a bit - that plus gaining 13 hour workdays (commute + work + gym) didn’t give me any time and that led me to stopping writing fiction altogether for the past 2 years. ⠀

💙I trust my path because studying art & becoming a graphic designer instead of writer led me to this! & led me to creating these cards you guys love so much 😜⠀

✍🏻 BUT Since I’m dedicated to completely embodying the BEST version of Erica possible I decided it’s time I start writing again!!! Idk where there will be time but I’m trusting that if I focus on the affirmation “I always have enough time to do the things I love” space will magically open up for me. 🥰⠀

🌟 This time writing though I am going to take all pressure off myself and eliminate the thought of becoming the next JK Rowling and do it because it’s FUN. Because I love creating worlds and characters and because I have stories to tell. If I ever get published - great, if I don’t - also great! I’m doing it for ME. ⠀

🌎So (& definitely thanks to the encouragement of my great coach Lisa of Channeled Inspirations ) I signed up to take an online 10 week creative fantasy writing class starting next month! ⠀

🌟Yes, I have 13 hour days but there will be a way. You can ALWAYS find time to do things you love. I already find time to go to the gym on weekdays! So if I can find time for that I can always find time for this. Sometimes (all the time 😂) you need to put your heart first and let your soul shine 🌟

❤️Manifest Love!❤️


❤️Hi! So today I wanna talk about Manifesting Love!⠀

❤️For some people love seems to come so easily and even if they break up, there’s someone new right away - and for others it feels like there is never anyone good and it’s just disappointment after disappointment. ⠀

❤️So, like Manifesting anything else, you need to check your thoughts! What is the story you’re constantly telling yourself?⠀

❤️For me, I was always one of the people who just attracted bad or non lasting romantic partners - and then one day I realized it was because my thoughts about love were constantly: “there’s no good guys” “I never meet anyone” “all the good ones are taken” “guys just want a hookup not a relationship” so OF COURSE I was just getting MORE of that! ⠀

❤️So, I started to change my story and start telling myself that there are SO many good partners out there and that it’s possible to meet someone amazing at any moment.⠀

❤️Next, an important step that helped me shed #foreversingle to #happyinlove was creating a clear & concise list to the universe where I wrote down all the qualities of my perfect man & what our relationship would be like. I acted like he was real & spent time daily visualizing fun dates & feeling the feelings I’d feel when being with him. ⠀

❤️That and, here’s the most important one, I LET GO! I completely stopped caring whether or not I had love. I actually fully thought about what it’d be like to be alone forever and I started to find a lot of pros to it! I accepted the fact that if I was genuinely #foreveralone I would be happy with it and it was what the universe wanted for me, so I’d trust that. ⠀

❤️Aaaand what do you know, not long after I let go & fully got comfortable with the idea of never having love, I found myself dating a man who literally, & scarily so, matched every single thing on my list! (& yes we are still together today 🥰) ⠀

❤️So when it comes to Manifesting love - here’s the three things you need to remember: ⠀

🌟What Story are you telling yourself about love?⠀

🌟Make a list of your perfect partner⠀

🌟Let go! Be comfortable with being alone!⠀

💞And above all know that YOU are completely worthy of love!

How to Deal with Difficult People

✨So one thing I’ve seen popping up a lot lately is the question: how to deal with difficult people! ⠀

💕This is something I really relate to as sometimes there’s just really negative ppl you’re forced to interact with (like a co-worker or difficult classmate); just people who bring you down and ruin all the high vibes you’ve spent so much time building up! ⠀

💛But I’m here to say enough is enough! NO ONE can take your high vibes, no one can dim your light. People only have as much power over you as you let them so don’t let them! Of course easier said than done, but here’s some tricks I used to make that actually easier. ⠀

💙Ask yourself: is this person WORTH stealing a second of my happiness? Spoiler alert the answer is always no! So in your head, emphatically declare they are not worth it & surround yourself with the highest light. ⠀

💚Remind yourself that people are a product of their environment - so if they’re negative or being a jerk, it’s because the people in their closest circle are negative and jerks to them. Don’t be angry at them, pity them, for they have it worse than you. Send them light. ⠀

💜Cut the chords. We all have energetic chords tying us to people in our lives - so imagine the chord connecting you and them and either call in Archangel Michael to Slice that chord or imagine doing it yourself. Release them! ⠀

❤️Make a list of reasons WHY this person could be in your life - what is this teaching you? What lesson does this serve in the greater purpose of your life? Thank them for that lesson. And (this may be the hard part) write at least one nice thing about them. Then in the magical practice of  Hoʻoponopono - thank them, forgive them, apologize to them, and send them love. ⠀

🧡Above all, always surround yourself in a bubble of white light whenever you know you are dealing with someone difficult. Plus, instead try focusing and thinking about the people you do love! ⠀

🖤Finally, if this person is continually negative to you and can be removed from your life, it’s often best to just let them go. Remember, whenever you let someone bad go it’s so you can make room for someone amazing.

My Spiritual Journey


💕Hi I’m Erica! & I just wanted to share a bit about my journey that got me here, to this spiritual path, & creating positivity products! ⠀

🔮When I was younger I always thought psychics were the coolest thing. Even the televised dramatic ones (that’s so raven anyone? 💁🏾‍♀️😆) and I alwaysss wanted to have psychic abilities but, like most people, I thought it was something you had to be born with.⠀

⭐️It wasn’t until I was 16, when one of my friends had a Psychic themed birthday party where her psychic Grandma gave us all individual readings & her mom taught us about pendulums and angel cards, that I realized that you didn’t have to be born with it. EVERYONE could be intuitive! Her grandma told us that she started studying & developing her abilities when she was a teenager! ⠀

😇So from there I was hooked- reading every book possible about developing your Intuition, Angels, the After Life - seriously everything! My best friend & I’s favorite activity soon became practicing giving readings to each other with our Angel cards & attending psychic fairs to get more advanced insight. ⠀

☀️After college, in my free time I took Intuition development courses at a local healing arts center, as well as gaining an Automatic Writing & Angel Card Reading Certification (all while amassing a lottttt of Angel, Oracle, and tarot decks 🙈 who can relate?? 🙋🏼‍♀️). I’ve also been a psychic reader at a few festivals. ⠀

🎨But as the working world started to take over (I’m a professional Motion Graphic Designer 👩🏼‍🎨) and due to commuting into the city my days got longer, I had less time for the spiritual world I loved and would sink into bad habits of focusing on what I didn’t like about my reality.⠀

❤️Last year, I knew something needed to change, so I felt inspired to create a Positivity based Oracle Deck. I decided then to create even more decks & products to not only help remind myself that life only gets better when you focus on the good, but maybe to help others believe that as well. So thanks to all this, I’m amping up my studies and connecting to the spiritual world again & it definitely feels like the right path. 🥰✨⠀

Manifest the best things: FOOD!

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.21.39 PM.png

I want to talk about FOOD! And more importantly how I’ve become a Food Manifesting Expert & how you can be too 😜⠀

🍕Sometimes Manifesting the big stuff can feel overwhelming & scary & you generate doubt and worry when it doesn’t appear right away. But the easiest way to strengthen up your Manifesting muscle and to build confidence & faith in your connection with the universe is to continually manifest small things. So how am I doing this? ⠀

🧀You guessed right: I’m Manifesting food! It all started a couple weeks ago when I really wanted a croissant 🥐 so I set the intention & thanked the universe for a croissant. I imagined the taste and knew without a doubt it was coming to me. Two days later - my mom brought home croissants! 😱 ⠀

🍿I figured I’d continue on this food fest, and get more specific - so the next thing I tried was manifesting a Milky Way Midnight bc it’s not as common & I’d know it could only come from the universe. A day later, when my dad went to the deli he just happened to also pick me up a Milky Way midnight (which he’s never done before!)⠀

🍟Other food I’ve also recently brought into my existence: Pizza, a plate of French fries, a bagel, ice cream, chips (I promise I have a better diet than this seems 😂🙈). ⠀

🌽I believe food is easier to manifest because you’re not crazy attached to it. It’s not like money where you’re exuding “omg I need it 😫” or your love life where you worry if it won’t come to you’ll die alone. ⠀

🍫With treats, it’s just FUN! You don’t care one way or another if it comes to you! If it does : Great! If not - will you even really notice? ⠀
⭐️That is the exact energy that will bring you what you want & at lightning speed! You have to detach, not care if it comes, but at the same time, deep down, know it’s on it’s way with 100% faith! ⠀

🍇So - what food will you try Manifesting today? 😆

Raise Your Vibration

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.21.54 PM.png

✨Raise your vibration - I’m sure you’ve heard sooo many spiritual people say that, but what does it really mean?

⚡️Everything in this universe is made out of energy, us included. Energy has a frequency, and different things vibrate at different frequencies - bad things and bad feelings vibrate on low frequencies & happy, loving, amazing things vibrate on high frequencies. ⠀

💛Your dreams & everything that would make your heart sing with happiness vibrates at the highest frequency - so how do you get there? ⠀

⭐️A simple answer would be to do the things that bring you joy & go places that make you happy & spend time with people that you love. (Like for me being outside in a pretty location makes me so happy ^ like here in Rhode Island (👀 Taylor Swift’s house in the background)⠀

💫Realistically though, it’s not always an option to be doing things you love 24/7. We have work or school. We have obligations. We have errands. So how do you raise your frequency when you’re forced to do something you don’t like? ⠀

💛For me, I like to conjure up memories from the best & happiest days of my life. In order to raise my vibe; you have to feel good! Now while visualizing what you want to come true is awesome too, thinking of memories is often easier to feel the high vibe feelings because, well, you’ve already felt them! ⠀

✨So in your dull moments think about the days that made you soooo incredibly blissed out and full of joy.⠀

💛Here’s a few of mine: ⠀

When I got to see HAMILTON on my 27th birthday!!⠀

When I went to Harry Potter world with my squad of best friends and they let us cut the line & I got free butter beer bc it was my 24th birthday! (I go all out for my birthdays 😂🙈) ⠀

Finally being in London in 2015, the first time I ever crossed the Atlantic, seeing Big Ben and just having that magical ✨I’m here✨ feeling. ⠀

Basically anytime I’m with my best friends & we get into silly shenanigans and laugh so much.
💫Thinking of these amazing memories I’m blessed to have as opposed to what irritates me in my current reality helps me TREMENDOUSLY to get in a great mood & raise my vibe ⭐️❤️🙏🏼

Shift Your Thoughts

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.32.32 AM.png

✨Never stop dreaming & imagining that everything is possible. ⠀

💕Instead of looking to where you’ve been, look to where you want to go.⠀

🎈It’s only natural to focus on the past and what plagued us, or even what currently plagues us, but the only way things will ever get better is if you shift your thoughts and start imagining your reality as what you want it to be. ⠀

⭐️For me, It’a all too easy to complain about long train commutes riddled with delays, being underpaid as a designer by a company that makes literally billions, & (as fellow New Yorkers will understand) rent money for a nice place feeling so achingly exorbitant & out of reach without roommates - but instead, I actively try to choose to focus on the better things.⠀

🚂 On my train rides, sometimes I imagine I’m on one in Europe, finally traveling around freely for however long I wish.⠀

🌈Instead of focusing on long work days, I try to replace those feelings with ones of knowing my freedom is inevitable & really envision what it’d be like to work & create for solely myself. ⠀

🧲 I tell the universe I am a magnet for money 💵 & I imagine being able to comfortably afford a beautiful future home shared with the man I love 😘 🍞⠀

⭐️These changes I want may not happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month or even next year - but every little bit of positivity helps! You can’t give up hope. You never know when you’re just a moment away. The universe responds to your positive vibes and will always correct itself to make your thoughts a reality, so choose them wisely. ⠀

⚓️Bad thoughts are inevitable, we’re human - of course we’re going to feel bad and complain, but as long as you find a way to acknowledge, accept, & release those feelings and shift them onto ones of hope, trust, & believing - there’s nothing you can’t achieve. ❤️⠀

The Words You Speak About Yourself Become Your Reality

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.32.37 AM.png

It’s important to always speak kindly with yourself and say gentle, loving words to your body & soul.⠀

💖Your cells responds to everything you say and think about. So tell your body often how much you appreciate it, for keeping you alive, for being healthy, for all your senses and abilities. ⠀

💕Speak positively about your outer appearance as well! Society trains us to hate our outside, but I promise you, just by being yourself you are definitely someone so beautiful! 😍 You are one of a kind! ⠀

🌟So today make a list of all the things you love about your inner AND outer body and soul! ⠀

💖Here’s mine: ⠀
I love my blue eyes (which you can’t see here because I’m super squinty but it means I was happy😂) ⠀
I love that I have a strong athletic body, ⠀
I love that I am artistically talented, ⠀
I love that I can always uplift my friends & help them feel better when they’re down! ⠀
I love that I’m intelligent and funny⠀
& I like that I think I’m pretty and it should be okay for ourselves to think we’re attractive without it being seen as narcissistic ! (if any of my friends read this I know I will prob get roasted in the group chat for that 😂 but it’s okay it’s you gotta speak your truth! 😂❤️) ⠀

We are all Queens and Kings and we need to embrace our individual amazingness ✨