Hire me as Your Designer!

Want to make your business and social media sparkle!? Want that magical aesthetic that will make everyone the heart-eyed emoji & draw all the customers and followers to you? Love my design vibes and wish you could have that for your own business? Well, you can!

Work with me & I’ll help you create all the design needs of your dreams. I’m very well versed in all looks and styles, so we’ll make sure your design is completely, uniquely, & entirely YOU! Not me, not all of the other spiritual entrepreneurs out there who use pink script - a new, entirely YOU aesthetic. I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a specialized concentration in motion graphics from the School of Visual Arts and have working with Disney Streaming Services, the NHL, and Madison Square Garden on my resume - so you can trust me! :)

So Let’s get to work!

Which Package would be best for you?!


Content Creator Package

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur looking to make your page extra stunning? I got you!

What you’ll get :

  • Logo Design

  • Business Cards Design

  • Social Media Icon

  • Social Media Posts

    • Quote Posts

    • Overall Layout + Design

    • Photo Editing

  • Website reconstruction

  • Book Covers

  • EBOOKs


Oracle Deck Design Package

Dreaming of creating your own Oracle/Tarot/Affirmation Deck but don’t have the design skills? Well, you’re in luck because deck design is my speciality! You create all the card’s names and meanings and I’ll design them beautifully to match your vision.

We’ll go back and forth several times until you are completely in love with the look of your deck.

What you’ll get:

  • Complete Deck Design

  • The Individualized Front of Each Card

  • The Back of all the cards

  • Box design

  • Booklet Design

  • Dreams coming true! :)

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.02.59 AM.png

Animation Package

Youtuber? Or creating videos for IGTV or your stories/Insta feed? I can help you boost them to get you to that extra professional level.

What you’ll get:

  • Animated Logo

  • Video Intro

  • Video Outro

  • Lower Thirds for your Video(s)

  • Professional Edits/Color Correcting for any video you already filmed.

If any (or all!) of this sounds like exactly what you need, fill out this form below for a consultation and we can talk about what package you’d like, pricing for each package, what design vibes you’re going for, and how I can make it happen :)

Have another idea/design project you’d like my help on? Let me know! Send me an email and we can definitely chat about what is possible & if I’d be the best fit!

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