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Introducing Myself

🌙Mysterious as the dark side of the moon 😆😜⠀
🌕The moon has always been the ultimate symbol of divine feminine energy and feminine power 💪⠀
🌖Tracking the moon & all its phases and signs can be instrumental in helping predict your emotions and what kind of days you’ll be having. It’s crazy the effect and power it has on us! ⠀
🌕During the full moon, it’s really awesome to release everything that no longer serves you & just let it go. ⠀
🌑While during the new moon, it’s the perfect time to start something new and set new intentions! ⠀
🌘& during the Crescent moon it’s fun to sit on it and pose for pictures 😆⠀
🌙This glorious beautiful set is from @wonderworldspace in Brooklyn! If you are in NY go go go it’s so cute. Me and my friends had so much fun! ✨ #Mywonder #wonderworldnyc

The Feminine Power of the Moon

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Make Time to Rest

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Tips for Getting in a Luxurious Vibe

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Thoughts on Manifesting


My Spiritual Journey


Manifest the Fun things like - FOOD!

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Stay in that “Summer as a Kid” Mindset

💖Have you ever paid attention to what your first thought is when you wake up?⠀
✨Energetically, this can (& will) set the vibe for your entire day! ⠀
⏰I know for me, mine used to be ⠀
“nooooo” as the alarm clock goes off at 6am 😆🙈 ⠀
🌅Other variations would include: ⠀
“I don’t wanna go to work”⠀
“I don’t wanna get up - I can’t do it” ⠀
“It’s too early”⠀
“It’s too dark”⠀
“I hate this” ⠀
“I just wanna sleep for 3 more hours” ⠀
“Ugh this sucks”⠀
“Is it Saturday yet” ⠀
“When is this cycle ever going to end” ⠀
(Any of these sound familiar to you? 🙋🏼‍♀️)⠀
💕Then, I realized that having those thoughts first thing was leading me to days where I’d get hung up on hating being at work, more easily annoyed at train delays, annoying af people in penn station, annoying af people at work, just hating every part of my Monday-Friday, etc etc. ⠀
✨And even if that may all be true -that I hate waking up at 6am & I hate working for someone else - the days I don’t focus on that are SO much better! Days where I focus on the good first thing are definitely easier, the trains are on time, people are less aggravating 😆🙈, everything goes smoother and more bearable. ⠀
❤️So Now, I try to make sure my first thought is variations of: ⠀
“Today is going to be a great day”⠀
“I’m thankful for another day of life”⠀
“Everyday I’m a step closer to my dreams”⠀
“I love being me”⠀
💘& Then as I hurry to get ready, I feel gratitude for running water, indoor plumbing, for my make up and clothes, I’m thankful for transportation to work, I’m thankful for beautiful weather (& when it’s not I’m still grateful for it)⠀
❤️I still have days where I yell noooooo at the alarm clock, but now when that happens, I just correct it and start focusing on the good. And that makes all the difference 🥰

Your First thought of the day will affect your day!

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The words you speak about yourself become your reality