Lovely Little Positivity


Bonjour Loves!

Welcome to La Rose des Rêves (translation: the Rose of Dreams). A spiritual brand set on bringing daily doses of positivity into your life!

The world may be grim but life is meant to be abundant. You were meant to reach your dreams, achieve success, be financially free, fall in love, travel the world, and above all be happy!

I believe the key to living your best life is by fueling yourself up with pure optimism. I’ve created a space to provide you with the right amount of encouragement, motivation & self-help so your dream life will blossom into your beautiful reality.

With my Courses, Oracle and Affirmation Cards, Journals, & Videos, I provide you with the tools to make sure you get your daily dose of positivity, so you can feel inspired to believe again, vibrate at that high frequency and live the life you’ve always imagined!

Love & Light,

Erica Rose <3 (Creator, Founder, & Artist behind La Rose Des Rêves)