The one & only magical course that teaches you how to read oracle cards in depth while also giving you the tools you need to strengthen and unleash your innate intuition.

Are you fascinated by the magical art of Psychic Readings?

Have you always wished you could learn how to properly read cards? & be able to read yourself, friends, family, & even strangers? Without using the guidebook?!

Have you always wanted to learn how to Channel Spirit, Connect with your Loved Ones on the other side, learn how to automatically write, & just overall boot your innate Clair-senses?

Then this course is for you!!

Oracle Card Camp is Currently


for enrollment!

Oracle Card Camp will re-open for enrollment in 2020

Keep reading to find out more about the course.


Here’s How it Works!

  • Oracle Card Camp is a multi-level course taught over the span of 5 weeks

  • Every Saturday morning, you will be given access to a new Level that includes a 60 to 100 minute video lecture (time varies for each level) + an in-lecture meditation & exercises to develop your abilities

  • You’ll be able to download all the slides from the lesson, along with a pre-reading “bringing in the light” meditation

  • Each week, you’ll be given Homework, which will include practicing card readings of different levels + a self-reading evaluation form.

  • Homework will not be submitted or reviewed, so it’s really up to you to keep yourself in check!

  • You can complete each level at your leisure, however it is recommended that you complete the Video Lecture + Homework within the week it’s assigned.

  • Opportunity to submit questions after each lecture that will always be answered via email. If there’s an abundance of questions, there will be an added Q+A video.

  • After the course ends, you will have Life Time Access, which will include any future updates to the course for no extra fee :)

    Here’s exactly what you’ll be learning in each level!


Level 1: Getting Started With Your Cards (60 minutes)

  • What are Oracle Cards?

  • Oracle Cards vs Tarot Cards

  • Angel Cards + Affirmation Cards

  • A brief explanation of Tarot Cards (*note while I explain Major vs Minor Arcana, the rest of this course will focus on exclusively Oracle Cards!)

  • Preparing your deck for the best readings possible

  • Energetic Protection for you during your readings

  • A magical, cleansing Bringing in the Light Meditation

  • How to set the stage for a reading

  • The right words + prayers to say to activate your highest intuition

  • Examples of Good vs Poor question wording

  • How to read yourself in detail + how to interpret the cards + card layouts

Level 2: Developing Your Intuition (60 minutes)

  • A special Selecting Your Card of the Day Exercise

  • In depth use of how to use properly your Intuition

  • The Four Clair’s Explained + How to develop each of them

  • Using your Clair senses + intuition in readings

  • Learning to Trust your intuition

  • Become an expert at analyzing Cards without using a guidebook

Level 3: Working with Spirit (100 minutes)

  • Where is your information coming from?

  • Flawlessly incorporating Spirit into your reading

  • Channeling vs Mediumship

  • How to Channel Spirit

  • How to conduct Medium readings + connect to your loved ones on the other side

  • Questions to ask spirit to execute the perfect Mediumship reading

  • Different type of Spirits of you can connect with

  • Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Guides + more explained

Level 4: Automatic Writing (90 minutes)

  • What is Automatic Writing?

  • How to successfully execute Automatic Writing

  • Archangel Gabriel + how she helps with writing

  • How to easily incorporate Automatic Writing into readings for yourself + others

  • Clearing personal blocks by connecting to your higher self

  • Heal relationships with difficult people here on Earth by connecting to others’ higher selves with writing

  • Larger Cards Spreads

Level 5: Readings Others! (100 minutes)

  • Magical Intuition Boosting Prayer

  • Learn how to conduct readings with multiple decks at a time!

  • How to successfully + confidently read others

  • Ethics + Integrity for Readings Others

  • How to start a reading + what to say to clients

  • Step by Step guide to conducting the best reading

  • Easily incorporating your clairs + spirit + automatic writing into your readings and making it all flow naturally

  • The right way to properly interact + receive validation from your client

  • What to do after you’ve finished reading someone else

  • How to confidently conduct remote readings (reading someone via text, email, facetime, etc!)

  • Brief tidbits on reading at fairs and how to market/expand yourself