Yay!!! Let’s do this!!!

Here are the 3 payment plans you can choose from!

The Price for this course is currently $400, which is $80 per level - an amazing deal!


Pay in Full

A one time payment of $400 is the easiest way to pay - just pay one and ya done! This will give you the lowest price possible & the best value.

You’ll invest $400 total which equates to $80 per class.


Pay Monthly

This payment method makes it easy + affordable for you. Just 5 payments of $100 per month over the course of 5 months and you’re in!

You’ll invest $100 every month for 5 months, which will total out to $500 at the end of it.


Pay Weekly

If it’s easier for you, you can pay $90 per week over the course of 5 weeks.

You’ll invest $90 on a weekly basis, which will total out to $450 at the end of it.


Please note: All payments are final. Once you pay we are unable to process you a refund. But don’t worry, it’s all totally worth it :)